Women’s Football Management is a unique interlocutor for companies, athletes and clubs who intend to develop branding, communication and marketing activities to position themselves in a unique and distinctive way in the fast growing world of women’s football.

Our intervention process is divided into four phases.


    We develop an effective positioning strategy with the client.

    • Brand audit: we study the architecture of the brand and evaluate its potential in the field of women’s football.
    • Opportunities and market gaps: we study and evaluate the opportunities that the market offers and the spaces that can be attacked.
    • Target: we study and evaluate with the customer the priority target (s) that can be successfully achieved.
    • Positioning and objectives: we define the desired positioning and develop concrete, feasible and measurable objectives.

    We transform the strategy into an action plan.

    • Creativity: we study, evaluate and propose creative alternatives through which to concretize the strategy and objectives.
    • Realization: we create branded content, adv, videos, events, sites and landing pages, sales promotions and other content defined with the customer.

    We communicate action to target audiences.

    • Communication plan: we plan the media with a view to integration by exploiting the synergies between the different communication channels used.
    • Broadcasting: we deal with braodcasting on the in-house media (Italian Women’s Football) and on the social profiles it has.

    We monitor the pursuit of goals.

    • KPI and monitoring: we measure impact and effectiveness with KPI developed ad doc with the customer since the strategy development phase.





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